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Friends Couch

Everyone loves Friends. Even 10 seasons are not enough for us. So, I tried to built a machine learning model to write new Friends scripts for me. Just enter a few starting words and select the number of characters to predict. It will generate the text accordingly.

I trained model on the entire script of Friends. The episodes were transcribed and fed to model for training.

Recurrent Neural Networks are a powerful tool to process sequence. RNNs are used in Text Translation, Weather Forecasting, Time Series analysis. Here, I am using a 2 layer LSTM model with word embeddings to generate the new text. If you want to learn more about model, see my GitHub Repo.

The One Where Tensorflow writes Friends

Just provide some starting words and the model will try to generate Friends script. Note that more number of characters will take more time to generate them. Loading time depends on your Internet Connection and device

Generated Text


Continues the story using above generated text